Testimonials from my clients

I will definately recommend Barbara. She went above and beyond. She is the best realtor we have worked with. I would also like to mention her assistant, Michelle. Both of them gave us excellent service.

Joan McGraw
Foster City

Barbara took care of us in every way. She carted me around for more than a year to find our perfect home. Her patience, tenacity, professionalism and friendship is surpassed by no other.

Michelle Balbi

Barbara is my idea of a real business woman and great realtor. I would always refer her to any prospective buyer or seller.

Janyce Maund
Redwood Shores

Usually when Letters of Remommendation are written they tend to focus on a specific ability or quality of an individual. Rarely in my pesonal or business relations have I encountered anyone quite like Barbara.

It takes an unique individual who can turn adversity into victory. Barbara waited patiently for her opportunity to take charge of a situation that had been mishandled by another agent. Once in control of the project, a plan was devised, acted upon and successfully concluded in a timely manner.

In order to be successful as a real estate consultant, you not only have to have the required legal knowledge, you need to understand the requirements of the seller, know the surrounding area like the back of your hand, and, most importantly, recognize the needs of the buyer. Sometimes creativity is the answer to putting together the proper package that will satisfy both buyer and seller. Barbara certainly has all (and a lot more) of those characteristics.

Without hesitation or reservation I would strongly recommend that Barbara be considered as the Agent of Choice in any real estate transaction.

Lonnie Leeds
Redwood Shores

We love her! We did what she told us to do and it went beautifully!

Alicia Woodfall
Redwood Shores

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